Corporate Recruiter

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Corporate Recruiter

Corporate recruiter interviewing a candidate

The corporate recruiter is a critical, but often overlooked position in any company. They are responsible for more than just finding great talent; they must also write job descriptions and screen resumes while interviewing candidates that can fill their open positions — all without forgetting about onboarding processes and effective employment branding!

Best Practices for the Corporate Recruiter

A corporate recruiter, sometimes called HR Recruiters or professionals in Talent Acquisition, is a recruiter that works for one company, unlike a contract recruiter or headhunter. The corporate recruiter is responsible for more than just finding great talent to fill one position; they must also write job descriptions, screen resumes, interview candidates, extend job offers, implement onboarding strategies and keep accurate records of all candidates and new hires. While the job of a corporate recruiter may lack some of the variety and pace of headhunting, corporate recruiters can get more in-depth into human resources activities. By managing the recruiting strategies for an entire company, you can get valuable experience that you can always take with you if you decide to work with an agency or as a contract recruiter.

Learn Your Industry

One of the benefits of being a corporate recruiter is that you have the stability of working for one company. This means that you can really get to know the industry and get an in-depth understanding of corporate management structure, common job titles, and work experience. Even if you plan on striking off on your own as a headhunter at some point in your career, getting experience and gaining knowledge in a certain industry can help you.

Expand Your Network

Just because you are working with one company doesn’t mean that you have to limit your network. As part of your industry research, attend conferences and seminars and make connections with business people in other companies in the same industry. You never know, the perfect candidate for an open position could be working at one of those companies, waiting to find a better job.

Gain Broad Human Resources Knowledge

As a corporate recruiter, you may have more duties and wider responsibilities than a contract recruiter. Not only do you need to source talent and screen applicants, but you can also get involved with more human resources strategies like onboarding, employee retention programs, or referral programs. You should use your opportunity in corporate recruiting to become a human resources management expert and gain as much experience as you can.

Use Marketing Techniques

One of the hottest trends in recruiting today is the use of marketing techniques for recruitment marketing initiatives. Employment branding, customer relationship management, and value propositions are all factors in hiring and recruiting that are ripped from a Marketer’s playbook. You should use all the tricks marketing gurus use to get the idea out that your company is a great place to work. By using targeted marketing techniques to reach the candidates that are most likely to fit with your company, you can get better quality candidates with less work.

Work With Technology

There are a ton of different recruiting technology solutions for recruiters available these days that can make your job more efficient and result in a higher caliber of job candidates. Recruiting software can help you streamline your source channels, keep more accurate and reliable records and give you more ways to find good candidates. Also, Web 2.0 offers recruiters more ways than ever to connect with job applicants; take advantage of the technology available today to get your employer’s brand out there.

As a Job Seeker

If you’re looking for a new job, it’s also important to know who the corporate recruiter is and what they do. Corporate recruiters are responsible for finding qualified candidates for open positions within their company. They work with hiring managers to identify the best candidates, and they often have a large network of potential employees. If you want to get hired by a particular company, it’s important to make a good impression on the corporate recruiter. is a recruiting platform that helps businesses find the talent they need to grow their business, with flexible solutions for startups and Fortune 100 companies alike! With our advanced artificial intelligence sourcing software and on-demand contract recruiting services, you can connect your company with the great talent it needs. Scale up or scale down easily with our monthly subscription services.

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