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Recruiter Job Platform today announced the launch of a new job platform for recruiters and talent acquisition professionals, to support the rapid growth of the company’s on-demand recruiting solutions and capitalize on the strong hiring trends for recruiters. The new platform will feature full-time and contract recruiting jobs, as well as contract recruiting gigs and project work.

  • Find great talent for talent acquisition and internal corporate recruiting jobs
  • Find jobs of all job types, including full-time, contract, and on-demand projects
  • Search jobs by experience level, from entry-level to senior
  • Set up Recruiter Job Alerts to get notified of the latest recruiting jobs: Create a new job alert and find your next job 

We’re building the best job site on the web for recruiters! Search and find corporate recruiting jobs and set up a job alert that matches your skills. offers employers a new way to easily find talented candidates by connecting them with your company’s hiring needs through recruiting jobs, contract opportunities and more.

Connect with some of the top talent in today’s market or tap into our expansive on-demand network of contract recruiters that is constantly growing. The job platform will focus on open TA positions at top employers but is also suitable for recruiting firm talent needs.

Demand for RecruitersRecruiter Job Demand

“Recent LinkedIn data showed soaring demand for recruiters, with 364,970 recruiter jobs advertised on LinkedIn worldwide, postings surpassing pre-pandemic levels, and recruiter jobs growing faster than the job market overall,” said Evan Sohn, CEO of “Data from Indeed also points to how eager employers are to hire people who help hire others, with HR job postings 67% above baseline.”

Recruiting Job Market

“Recruiting and staffing has a US market size of $136 billion and there are approximately 227,000 recruiters employed in the US. With the number of open jobs posted for recruiters surpassing even the total number of recruiters employed, this points to market expansion, which, as a top brand in the space, should benefit from. While our on-demand recruiting segment already showed 88% sequential quarterly growth, we see an opportunity to accelerate traction and increase margins, by offering subscription-based products using our no-touch job platform technology and AI-powered Amplify recruiting solution.”

The surge in demand for recruiters appears to extend across the globe. A recent research report found in June 2021, there were nine times more recruiter jobs posted in the UK than in June 2020, and in Italy and Spain, there were eight times more recruiter jobs.

The global HR, staffing industry, and recruitment market is estimated to be worth $737 billion, and it’s projected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 1.9%. This massive market should have continuing talent and hiring demand for many years to come.

Recruiter Job GrowthImportance of Recruiters to the Job Market

“Recruiters and talent acquisition professionals play an incredibly important role in getting people placed in jobs and keeping the global economy growing,” said Miles Jennings, Founder and COO of “Seeing strong growth in demand for recruiters is a very positive sign for everyone in the job market and for our country overall. We’re excited for the opportunity to grow our on-demand recruiting solution even faster with our proprietary job platform technology and recruiting software. We aim for to be the go-to resource for recruiting jobs and on-demand opportunities and a market leader in providing flexible, on-demand recruiting for employers of all sizes.”

The number of jobs in the United States is growing rapidly, indicating future needs for recruiting professionals. A recent job openings and labor turnover summary from the Department of Labor indicated that there are over 10 million job openings in the US alone. Recruiters should play an important part in matching these open jobs with the best job candidates, as the supply of available and qualified job seekers does not seem to meet the demand for talent.

Quick Job Searches for Common Recruiting Jobs

Hire Recruiters – Employees and Contract Recruiters makes it easy for employers of all sizes to extend their own in-house talent acquisition team and hiring managers with a network of experienced on-demand recruiters. Employers can choose their preferred recruiters, or team of recruiters, to assist with any part of their recruiting efforts and flexibly scale up or down with their hiring demands.

Why hire a recruiter in the first place?

  • Recruiters can help attract the best talent
  • Recruiters understand the market
  • Recruiters can improve your job descriptions
  • Recruiters save the labor of hiring managers
  • Recruiters can typically fill roles faster
  • Recruiters can improve candidate communication
  • Recruiters can craft interview questions and improve the hiring process

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