How To Not Lose Your Job Because Of Facebook

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checkFacebook is a great social networking platform for connecting with friends and family. However, as a professional, you have to be careful what you post to Facebook. Many employers are using social media outlets like Facebook to check on employees. Facebook can be one of your biggest assets, but also one of your biggest downfalls in the professional realm.

Many believe that the only time to be worried about how you present yourself over social networks in when you are searching for a job. This is simply untrue. With the growing number of employers and managers ‘friending’ their employees on Facebook, it has become a major source of information. There have been reports of more and more employees being fired for the way they present themselves son Facebook, or even over the comments they make regarding their job satisfaction. Here are two tips to make sure you don’t become part of those reports.

Don’t Post Incriminating Photos

Our Facebook photos do not always show us in the best light. Be careful about which photos you post to Facebook, and monitor the photos that your friends tag you in. There is no reason for a professional to have a photo of themselves with a lampshade on their head plastered across the internet. Such pictures may represent you in a way you do not wish to be represented in. Do your best to avoid them.

Keep Negative Comments To Yourself

Many of us have heard the stories about employees losing their jobs over the comments they make about the work or the employer on Facebook. It is important to remember that, while many of us have negative feelings regarding our positions from time to time, it is not always necessary to voice those thoughts and opinions. When using publically available outlets, such as Facebook, it is almost always better to keep your thoughts about your job to yourself.

These two tips are very basic things to keep in mind when presenting yourself on Facebook. Remember that you are a professional, and you are expected to present yourself as such at all times.

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