Manpower Takes Action to Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

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newsWhen preparing for a job interview, do you scheme ways to shift attention away from your perpetual tendency to quit jobs every nine months or your incomplete coursework from the mid-nineties?  There are plenty of difficult things we are forced to confront when looking that potential employer in the eye.  Imagine, however, that you are looking for work after surviving an adulthood marked by sex trafficking.  What jobs are available for survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence?  What do you say when asked to account for your activities during the last few years?

Manpower, Inc., a leader in workforce planning, staffing and recruiting services, announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Second Chance Employment Services (SCES) to help these survivors find sustainable work and rebuild their lives.  Manpower Inc. and SCES will create local collaborations, beginning at pilot locations in the U.S. and potentially expanding to any of the 82 countries and territories where Manpower operates. The two entities will work together to identify sustainable employment opportunities for at-risk women and survivors of trafficking and domestic abuse, to prepare them for re-entry into the workforce, and to help them find and hold sustainable jobs.

Among the responsibilities of Manpower and SCES will be to educate employers about the issue of human trafficking and the issues that may arise for these survivors once they begin working.

By Marie Larsen