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Linkedin Instant

If you’re a recruiter who needs a seriously geeky Linkedin fix every day, you might want to check out the projects being developed by Linkedin Labs.

Linkedin describes the service as “a small set of projects and experimental features built by the employees of LinkedIn.” They are mostly demonstrations of the power of the social graph and information contained on Linkedin.

One experiment of particular interest to recruiters is “Linkedin Instant.” The program is a simple demonstration of a new technical interface which streams search results in a very similar method to the new Google “Instant” search results.

I searched the service for recruiter in New York, and you can see it quickly called up a bunch of profiles of recruiters in my network. The primary advantage of this service is visual appeal and speed. If you are performing deep searches, you will want to use all the search capabilities of the advanced profile search within the regular Linkedin interface.

These little experiments are more fun than utilitarian for now, but you can see where search is headed. Linkedin Instant may be of use in performing some of your very quick candidate searches or pulling up your network with lightning fast retrieval. Recruiters might also have some fun pulling up graphs of their social data and messing around with some of the other Linkedin Labs technology projects.

By Marie Larsen