Recruiting with LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has become, for many recruiters, not just a social recruiting platform, but rather a process integral to their daily recruiting. LinkedIn has emerged as the most widely used online resume/profile system. Find resources and tips on using LinkedIn for recruiting and how to develop a strong network of LinkedIn connections.

The broad belief that a recruiter's worth was held in their Rolodex has now been largely dis-proven. Recruitment professionals have been among the most voracious and active users of LinkedIn, and among the first to build broad sets of LinkedIn connections. After the social network exposed recruiter's connections to the world and allowed those connections to message each other, some forecast the gradual demise in demand for recruiters and the reduction in placement fees.

However, the opposite has happened: recruiters are in high demand, and their skills in social networking and social media have become important points of differentiation for them in the job market. But perhaps more importantly, the general idea that a recruiter's value is driven by a secret network of talent or "black book" is no longer popular. The value of sourcing names and job titles has been diminished, as more professionals have come onto LinkedIn. However, that broad availability of high-level knowledge has simply deepened good recruiters' resources and databases.

Recruiting with LinkedIn is more about professional decorum and staying motivated than specialized professional knowledge. LinkedIn is essentially a consumer technology, so it's easy to use and to search for people. However, as LinkedIn's use continues to grow, many users are finding themselves deluged with connection requests and job referral emails. Differentiating oneself through professionalism, deep industry connection and personalized messaging has become much more important. Because these skills are deeply entrenched as part of a recruiter's job, recruiters should continue to experience success with LinkedIn well beyond that of an average user.
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