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Recruiting Jobs

Recruiting involves the search for, assessment, attraction, and hiring of qualified applicants for open positions at businesses. Recruiters use various recruiting strategies such as job postings, networking within an online community to find job candidates, advertising in print and online media, and searching through the Internet and various candidate databases. Recruiting jobs often encompass other duties involved in talent acquisition, such as employer branding, candidate experience engineering, recruitment marketing, talent strategy initiatives, and personnel budgeting.

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Is Recruiting a Good Job?

Recruiting jobs can be great careers for people who like to work with others to solve talent problems, help people get matched with promising careers, and understand a wide variety of business needs and conditions. Recruiters must understand how different departments operate, translate resource needs into definable skill requirements, and communicate effectively with both candidates and each management level across a business. Recruiters often love to stay “on top” of a given profession; for example, tech recruiters may constantly read tech news to consistently remain in the know about companies hiring, new career developments, and “hot” companies and startups hiring in their area.

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How Much Do Recruiting Jobs Pay?

In terms of compensation, the business of recruiting can be quite lucrative. Across the US, the average wage for a staff-level recruiter is approximately $55,000 on average. However, there is much room for further advancement. Heads of talent acquisition at large companies are considered senior executives with compensation often well over $100,000. External recruitment consultants and top recruiting agency personnel, who are typically quite sales and revenue-oriented, usually enjoy uncapped commissions and bonuses, with a very high variable income. 

Here is a guide to types of recruiter compensation

Demand for Recruiters

Recent data from LinkedIn data showed soaring demand for recruiters, with 364,970 Recruiter jobs advertised on LinkedIn in total and recruiter jobs growing faster than the job market overall. Recruiting jobs are also a large profession, with approximately 227,000 recruiters employed in the US, and the recruiting and staffing industry having a market size in the US of $136 Billion. With these robust figures and a continued trend toward employment specialization, recruiting talent should continue to be in demand for years to come.

Trends in recruiting demand for this year

Training for Recruiting Jobs

Although there are no specific schools and full graduate programs for recruiting, there are many types of recruiting certifications to help you land a job in recruiting. The largest organizations include SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) and HRCI (Human Resources Certification Institute). These member organizations have all sorts of general HR certifications and courses, but do include recruitment and talent acquisition classes, as well as certifying certain outside third parties. Outside providers of recruiter training also include AIRS, People Sourcing Certification, NAPS, Social Talent, and on-demand courses from LinkedIn. also provides training options for recruiters. Learn to be a professional recruiter with self-paced our Recruiter Certification Program or get more comprehensive one-on-one recruiting training with our Recruiter Academy.

Top Benefits of Recruiter Certification Program

Types of Recruiting Jobs

Recruiters may work “in-house,” which means within a company or at “recruiting agencies” or a “recruiting firm” recruiting candidates for other companies. Recruiters are responsible for finding qualified talent and creating and maintaining relationships with both candidates and clients (either internal hiring managers or externally, with clients.) Recruiters must have excellent communication skills, and many times employers hire for recruiting jobs from sales, customer service, or Human Resources. All companies employ recruiters, but they are prevalent at tech companies, high-growth startups, and other industries that employ highly skilled professionals.

A large employer may have dedicated recruiting teams, called Talent Acquisition departments, that handle all hiring needs for the entire company. In contrast, smaller businesses may need only one recruiting specialist or HR Director who handles all personnel duties, including recruitment of jobseekers, job description development, retaining employees, company culture, interviewing applicants, screening resumes, etc. Other recruiting jobs include candidate sourcing, where recruiters are tasked with finding quality candidates who may be interested in seeking new opportunities; executive search recruiting, where recruiters target high-level executives for recruiting jobs in a particular industry, and recruiting specialists, where recruiters focus on a specific area or type of recruiting position, such as information technology, accounting, or marketing.

This guide outlines the different recruiting jobs for new and established professionals and their daily work requirements. Create a long-term successful recruiting career by thoughtfully considering each career track.

Recruiting Job Types

Candidate Sourcers or Sourcers – Candidate sourcers are professional Internet detectives who use various recruiting methods to search for and campaign to potential recruiting job applicants. This may include sending out targeted recruiting emails and employment ads on social media websites, using recruiting software tools and search tactics to locate leads and identify talent, attending recruiting events, and building relationships within their area of talent. For tech companies, for example, a sourcer might generate a list of names of the best candidates skilled in a particular programming language.

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Resume Reviewers or Screeners – Larger companies may have dedicated personnel reviewing resumes in a full or part-time capacity. Resumes reviewers take on the first evaluation portion of the application process instead of recruiters, who are responsible for the initial sourcing of the talent. Depending on the employer’s recruitment process, they may simply review resumes of the jobseekers or interview the candidates in-person or virtually. The person will screen the resume or applicant interview for technical fit, background, general skills and requirements, career trajectory, and company culture fit. Many times, this position may be taken on part-time or be an entry point into the recruiting profession.

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Talent acquisition or HR Recruiting – An internal recruiting specialist, also known as a talent acquisition specialist, is responsible for recruiting new staff members to fill vacant or newly opened corporate positions. The recruiting specialist does this by actively recruiting on the internet, social media sites, applications, referrals, internal transfers, and online job listings. They are often responsible for doing initial “screening” interviews with applicants and job seekers interested in the open positions. Depending on the company, If they successfully recruit someone to join their company, they will sometimes manage other aspects of the applicant’s onboarding process, such as the job offer management, new hire paperwork, HR matters, and initial new-hire orientation. The HR Recruiter / talent acquisition professional may also participate in organizational development, talent needs assessment, company mission development and planning, and other aspects of company culture alignment and strategy.

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External / Agency Recruiter / Recruiting Firm – An external recruiter refers to someone who recruits candidates for companies outside of their own organization, typically employed by a recruiting firm or staffing company. This may include headhunting or recruitment outsourcing, where the recruiter works with their clients embedded very much like an internal recruiter. External recruiters often work on a contract basis, since they generally act as “middlemen” between companies that need new hires and applicants who are looking for better opportunities with higher salaries. They may also provide contract or temporary staff to employers, whereby the staffing firm acts as the employer of record, allowing their clients to engage talent for projects flexibly.

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Executive Recruiter – Executive recruiting specialists work with companies to fill recruiting jobs for management and high-level business positions such management jobs, vice president, “C-Level” suite executives, etc. They typically require excellent contacts within the industry and strong personal networks. They help companies pinpoint specific traits in good leaders and managers, allowing organizations to successfully hire top talent at all levels.

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Starting in a Recruiting Job

Getting started in recruiting may seem complex, but if you are considering an entry-level recruiting job or looking for more information on how to become an independent recruiter on your own or for a recruiting firm, this job platform is a great place to start. We hope that the variety of recruiting jobs we’ve outlined will offer some insight into which career path might best suit your talents and interests as you look to get established in the career.

If you want to learn about any other types of recruiting roles outside what is listed here, let us know! Our team has years of experience within the recruiting community and would love to share their expertise with you. If specific recruiter jobs are listed here that sound like they may match your current background and skills, take some time to search our hundreds of open recruiter roles. is the leading source of full-time, part-time, and project-based recruiters for employers small and large, across the country, from startups to the Fortune 100. Our online community of recruiters access on-demand talent acquisition engagement and recruiting jobs at top employers.

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