What Makes a Top Biller?

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on top mountainIt seems like some people have a natural ability to consistently overachieve, to exceed expectations and to rise to every challenge they are given. In recruitment these are generally our top billers or high performers. Time and again they deliver results and earn the respect of their clients and the candidates that work with them.

I’m almost certain that given the right company, conditions, confidence and support, most good recruiters can push themselves to be great. In this article, I’ll highlight what I believe to be the behaviours that enable overachievers to excel.

You believe that relationships are two-way

You work hard at building relationships, but you’re conscious of the fact that relationships should be rewarding for both parties involved. You’ll help your candidates to avoid common mistakes and you’ll help your clients to get a good deal because you know that in return you’ll earn their trust, commitment and loyalty.

You don’t believe this is just a sales job

Although sales are a big part of your job, you recognise that the skills you need to be a good recruiter are different to the skills you use as a sales person. Although sales are very important to your role, as a recruiter, you also need to be good at some softer skills like networking, marketing, influencing and communications.

You’re always thinking about your next client

You may have a good client base but you know how quickly things can change. You continuously grow your client base until you reach capacity, recognising that regardless of how good you are- there will always be highs and lows.

No challenge is too great for you

Your personality is such that, you’re always looking for the next big challenge. You never worried about your future as you always knew that you’d be successful in your career because you have tenacity and ambition. Though, you’re never complacent and are always looking for the next big challenge.

You create your own luck

Every minute you spend at your desk you’re working. You’re always trying to squeeze the most out of all phone calls, meetings and conversations. You know when a client is serious about recruiting and you know how to identify which deals to chase.

You take risks

You take calculated risks, you know how important it is that people remember you and respect you. You’ll tell the client or candidate what they need to hear, even if it isn’t always good news, you know this way you’ll build their trust and respect.

You embrace technology

You use all of the tools that are available, you understand the power of search engines and social media. You embrace this technology and have a vast online network but you also know that nothing will ever replace human to human interaction.

You’re focused on results and know that a good exchange of information is key to this.

You celebrate success

In yourself and in others, you celebrate when things go right. You appreciate hard work and reward innovation.

Of course, there are many other traits of high performers to consider but I wanted to specifically share the ones that I’ve become most aware of. I actually think the key take-away is that if you’re good, you can be great. It’s much easier to improve something you’re good at than it is to develop a weak skill. Great recruiters are aware of this and continuously develop their strengths.

Mark Davies is a strategic marketing and digital professional specialising
in the development of digital and multi-channel sales-driving collateral. Mark is Head of Marketing for UK based company, People Source, a values recruiter whose clients range from Global corporates to Tech Start-ups.