Salary for Air Crew Officers

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Also known as:  Air Battle Manager, Airdrop Systems Technician, Astronaut, Mission Specialist, Fixed-Wing Transport Aircraft Specialist, Helicopter Officer, Naval Flight Officer, Airborne Reconnaissance Officer, Naval Flight Officer, Bombardier/Navigator, Naval Flight Officer, Electronic Warfare Officer, Naval Flight Officer, Qualified Supporting Arms Coordinator (Airborne), Naval Flight Officer, Radar Intercept Officer helps find better paying jobs across all specialties and locations. Sign up in our career community today!

Air crew officers perform specific duties related to air traffic control and safety including search and rescue missions, reconnaissance and transport. Operating aircraft defense systems, operating weapons and conducting inspections are other examples of tasks air crew officers are asked to perform. To become an air crew officer, one must join the armed forces. Serious candidates should look into the Air Force.

A Air Crew Officer earns salaries somewhere between $0 - $0 depending on tenure and industry expertise. Air Crew Officers will most likely earn wages of zero dollars each year.

Air Crew Officers have the highest salaries in , which has average pay scales of close to about $0. Employees who work in this career are compensated highest in , where they earn an average pay rate of $0.

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