Salary for Armored Assault Vehicle Officers

Also known as:  Armor Officer, Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) Officer, Cavalry Officer, Light-Armored Reconnaissance Officer, Light-Armored Vehicle Officer, Tank Officer helps find better paying jobs across all specialties and locations. Sign up in our talent cluster and get scouted today!

Armored assault vehicle officers direct the operation of tanks and other assault vehicles and equipment. Since this is a supervisory position much experience and training is required before official work can begin. To become an aircraft launch and recovery officer, one must join the armed forces. A high school diploma or GED is also required.

A Armored Assault Vehicle Officer gets a salary of between $0 and $0 depending on experience and talent. Armored Assault Vehicle Officers will normally receive an average compensation of zero dollars on an annual basis.

Armored Assault Vehicle Officers are paid at the highest average level in , where they receive an average job salary of close to about $0. These employees make the highest salary in , where they can earn an average salary rate of $0.

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