Salary for Hunters and Trappers

Also known as:  Alligator Hunter, Bird Trapper, Deer Hunter, Fur Trapper, Predator Control Trapper, Predatory Animal Exterminator, Predatory Animal Hunter, Predatory Animal Trapper helps agriculture and food professionals find better paying jobs across all specialties and locations.

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Hunters and trappers play a valuable role helping maintain wildlife population. This is especially beneficial in areas where wildlife can cause damage or endanger the health of the public. Hunters and trappers hunt and trap wild animals which are then used for fur, bait, feed and more. With the capture of these animals scientific research can also be conducted. There is no education required to work as hunters and trappers, with on-the-job training sufficient enough to provide you the tools required for the position. Honest, ethical and hard-working are three qualities of hunters and trappers. It is also required that hunters and trappers be dependable, independent and creative.

A Hunter or Trapper can earn a salary that can range from 0 to 0 based on tenure and industry expertise. Hunters and Trappers will most likely receive average salaries of No Pounds No Pence per year.

Hunters and Trappers can obtain the highest pay in , which has salary pay of just about $.

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