Salary for Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers

Also known as:  Air Conditioning Service Technician, Bulk Cooler Installer, Evaporative Cooler Installer, Furnace Converter, Furnace Fitter, Gas Furnace Installer, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Mechanic, Oil Burner Repairer, Oil Furnace Installer, Refrigeration Systems Installer helps find better paying jobs across all specialties and locations. Sign up in our talent cluster and get scouted today!

Refrigeration mechanics and installers diagnose, adjust, inspect and repair problems with refrigerators, both industrial and commercial. This job can sometimes be dangerous as the workers deal with power tools. To be considered for this position, vocational school or related experience is usually necessary. Once hired, one to two of formal on-site training will usually be required before work can begin.

A Refrigeration Mechanic or Installer gets salaries of around 32000 and 48000 depending on experience and domain knowledge. Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers can earn an average pay level of Forty Four Thousand Six Hundred dollars per year.

Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers can receive the best compensation in the District of Columbia, where they receive salary pay of close to about $56540. People holding these jobs receive the highest compensation in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, which has average wages of $56450.

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The national wage distribution is shown below. To overlay local salaries for a Refrigeration Mechanic or Installer, please select your state.
Annual salary
Hourly rate
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The annual compensation for this career has gone up since 2004. Salaries have increased by an average of 17.00 percent nationwide in that time.


Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers tend to make the most in the following industries:

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Transportation and Warehousing
Finance and Insurance
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

In general, they earn less within the industries below:

Accommodation and Food Services
Retail Trade
Other Services (except Public Administration)
Educational Services