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Ensure you receive the best salary possible according to market rates and hiring demand. Use our easy salary calculator to research the right salary and market conditions for particular jobs and industries.

Salary comparison is an important step to ensure that you are receiving proper compensation for your work and experience level. Through the use of a salary calculator or comparison software, users can find the median salary ranges for hundreds of jobs within their region. By using tools like this, it is possible to ensure that you are receiving a competitive salary. If you are researching new careers, you can use a salary calculator to compare salaries of jobs on separate career paths to help you decide which path to pursue. When comparing jobs, be sure to consider regional costs-of-living rates, annual bonuses and other perks, and how well your qualifications suit the responsibilities of each job.

The amount you are paid for your services is largely dependent upon your experience and education level. For example, a person with a B.S. in economics seeking a job in accounting may enter his or her career as an accounting clerk while a recently certified CPA may start out as an accounting manager. Meanwhile, a CPA with 15 years of experience may receive the same accounting management job but have a salary substantially higher than the inexperienced CPA.

The main utility of salary comparisons is that they give you the power to shop the job market with confidence. A good salary calculator will show you regional statistics indicating the average salary for a job along with high-end and low-end salary numbers and salary trends over time. In addition, look for access to lists of job openings and similar jobs to investigate.
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