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Also known as:  Auto Clutch Rebuilder, Auto Clutch Specialist, Auto Radiator Specialist, Auto Suspension and Steering Mechanic, Auto Transmission Specialist, Automotive Alignment Specialist, Automotive Brake Adjuster, Automotive Brake Specialist, Automotive Brake Technician, Automotive Fuel Injection Servicer


Like nearly every other professional today, automotive technicians need to be comfortable with computer-based equipment. Today's cars are more computerized than ever. Yet an experienced and skilled technician can listen to an engine or an exhaust system and know instantly what repairs are needed. Ma ...
jor cars makers and dealer sponsor two year associate degree programs at more than 100 community colleges across the country.

High schools and community college have programs as well. Certainly, the better educated you are, the better the opportunities for employment. But you'll learn most of what you need to know on the job working under an experience mechanic. This is a job for men and women who don't mind getting their hands dirty and truly love working on cars. Experienced technicians can work anywhere in the country and, if you have interest in business ownership, you could end up owning your own highly profitable garage or gas station.

The key thing to remember is this: customers don't keep coming back to a technician because of degrees and program certificates displayed on the wall. They returned because the technician is really good! If you're good, and if you love the work, a job as an automotive technician can be a truly wonderful experience.
Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul automotive vehicles.
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