Command and Control Center Specialists

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Also known as:
Acds Block 1 Operator, Aegis Console Operator Track 3, Aegis Operations Specialist, Aerospace Control And Warning Systems, Aerospace Control And Warning Systems, Manuel Systems, Aerospace Control And Warning Systems, Sector Operations Control Center, Aerospace Control And Warning Systems, Theater Air Control System, Aerospace Control And Warning Systems, Weapons Director, Air Control Electronics Operator, Air Defense Command, Control, Communications, Computers And Intelligence Tactical Operations Center Enhanced Operator/Maintainer


Operate and monitor communications, detection, and weapons systems essential for controlling air, ground, and naval operations. Duties include maintaining and relaying critical communications between air, naval, and ground forces; implementing emergency plans for natural and wartime disasters; relaying command center information to high-level military and government decision makers; monitoring surveillance and detection systems, such as air defense; interpreting and evaluating tactical situations and making recommendations to superiors; and operating weapons targeting, firing, and launch computer systems.