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Also known as:  Accompanist, Baritone, Bassoonist, Bugler, Cellist, Choir Member, Church Organist, Clarinetist, Concert Pianist, Concert Singer


Music is a universal form of self-expression. For many, the joy of performing more than makes up for the sacrifices the art demands. We generally refer to those who use instruments as musicians and those who use their voice as singers. An ear for music often shows up early in life. While vocal train ...
ing for singers doesn't usually begin until the voice matures, musicians can start learning at a very young age.

Whether musician or singer, specializing in classical music usually requires formal training, such as studying with a master instructor or getting a college degree in music. Many of those pursuing a career in the pop genre, on the other hand, are self-taught. Musicians and singers spend as much time as possible practicing, but they need a great deal of skill, tenacity, and sometimes luck, to make enough money to live on.

Often, it's a talent for self-promotion, rather than musical ability that leads to success, because in this business, you need to be heard to be hired. It helps to have some financial and business training to handle the bookkeeping and records involved in being self-employed.

Most work comes through auditions. There's a great deal of competition for paid musical jobs, called gigs. Work tends to be scheduled for evenings, weekends, or holidays. Even the most gifted artists may need to have a day job to support their aspirations. They often share their skills as teachers.

But even those who've been able to build a financially viable career in music, the routine of practice, rehearsals, and performances never ends. The road to becoming a success is long and arduous, and only the most dedicated earn a place at center stage.
Play one or more musical instruments or sing. May perform on stage, for on-air broadcasting, or for sound or video recording.
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