Non-Gambling First-Line Supervisors of Entertainment and Recreation Workers

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Video transcript

Providing personal service to clients is a mission carried out by personnel from tour guides and caddies to hair dressers and spa staff. Their supervisors create an atmosphere of quality service and provide workers with guidance and training. Personal service worker supervisors shape service delivery starting by selecting their team and training them on company policies and operating procedures. They assign work schedules and ensure workers' customer skills and job performance meet company expectations. Being an effective listener attuned to a customer's experience is an essential skill. When customers take issue with an aspect of service, supervisors resolve the complaints, and, if necessary, take disciplinary action with employees. Personal service worker supervisors meet with managers for updates on policy changes, and may collaborate with colleagues and employees to develop events, new menus, or service programs. Some supervisors also sell services or products. Most supervisor positions require previous experience in the field, along with training in vocational schools, or an associate's degree.


Directly supervise and coordinate activities of entertainment and recreation related workers.