7 Benefits of Using Recruiter Software for Enterprises

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With the competitive labor market today, recruiters cannot afford to be bogged down with paperwork and manual processes. The average recruiter spends nearly 14 hours per week  on administrative tasks.

Companies that are wasting their time on administrative tasks are being outmaneuvered by other companies that are using software to make automated and data-driven decisions for their hiring processes. This automation is primarily done with the use of recruiter software.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the best benefits of using recruiter software and how it can streamline and automate some of your most time-consuming and manual tasks, so make sure you keep reading.

1. Automatic Scheduling

Scheduling is one of the most menial tasks for recruiting teams, especially for mid to large-sized businesses. In a given week, the recruiting team or different managers across the company can spend hours scheduling interviews and other meetings. This task alone can become a bottleneck in the recruiting process for most companies.

Recruiter software allows you to conduct automatic scheduling directly from your dashboard. You can use the software to gain full visibility on where each candidate is in the recruitment cycle, and you can automatically schedule appointments and meetings directly from the software. This automation helps save time going back and forth on phone calls and emails to find a suitable time to meet for the candidate and the recruiter.

2. Centralized Communication

Communication is vital both internally and externally in your business’s recruitment process. For most companies, internal communication is fragmented and disjointed. Recruiters will send phone calls and emails to candidates and then use email to go back and forth with other recruiters in the company. This decentralized communication process leads to long wait times between internal teams and candidates.

With recruiter software, you can have one centralized communication platform for all your communications. Instead of sending emails externally and internally, you can see all communication in one platform with recruitment software. This view allows other recruiters to see precisely where candidates are in their pipeline and what work needs to be done to accelerate the process.

3. Less Time Searching for Candidates

Another bottleneck is searching for candidates. Talent isn’t always easy to come by, whether it’s a freelancer or in-house employee you’re looking for.

This search can be a manual and arduous process for recruiters searching through platforms like LinkedIn to find candidates. Hiring managers can spend up to two weeks and $4,000 per hire  finding and screening candidates. Recruiter software takes this process and completely automates it. 

Recruiter software scans through millions of talent profiles and directly brings a list of curated candidates to recruiters’ emails. This process alone can save recruiters many hours per week searching for candidates.

4. No Commitments

There are numerous tools and services available for companies to improve their recruiting, but most of them require businesses to sign large and bulky contracts. In contrast, recruiter software offers a flexible payment plan where you can opt-out at any given month. This flexibility allows businesses to control costs, and you can get all of the features in the recruiter software for a flat monthly rate.

With a flexible and no-commitment solution for your recruiting needs, you can cut your costs dramatically by switching to using recruiter software. Your business pays directly for what it finds valuable at a controlled monthly cost.

This allows you to save significant capital on recruiting expenses, and you can invest that into other aspects of your business. The non-committal nature of recruiter software will enable you to test the software for a month, and you can abandon it if you don’t find enough value in it.

5. Analytics

With today’s competitive job market, most businesses are not thinking about improving their hiring process. Since there are urgent needs for most departments, improving the hiring process is often an afterthought. This is because it requires more time and effort for businesses, which means less time for hiring and onboarding candidates.

Recruiter software allows businesses to gain insights and data into their recruitment process without any other extra work on their end. With HR software, data is collected and analyzed for each part of the hiring process.

This can give insights and recommendations to the decision-makers in your business. By using data to inform your hiring decisions, you can make better quality decisions and automate many manual tasks in your organization.

6. Accessibility to Recruiters

One of the best benefits of using recruiter software is access to on-demand recruiters. Some recruiter software programs allow you to work with on-demand recruiters directly from your dashboard. Instead of hiring a new recruiter for your business, you can outsource your recruiting to an on-demand recruiter.

Your business can hire an on-demand recruiter on a contract basis, and they can help fill your needs for either short-term or long-term staffing. This will allow you to have the expertise of competent recruiters without paying the overhead of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retaining them.

With on-demand recruiters, you pay a certain monthly fee, and you can use as many or as few recruiters as you want for your business. This added flexibility will ensure you have all the recruiting resources you need to hire the best talent for your business.

7. Accelerating the Recruitment Process

Even with excellent prospecting and interviewing pipeline, the recruitment process can often take weeks, if not months, for most companies. The lengthy process is usually due to a constant and manual approach to recruiting.

Recruiting software enables companies to have complete visibility into their entire recruiting process. With the software, you can see exactly which part of each candidate’s recruiting process from your dashboard. 

All of the changes will automatically update in the system, and you don’t have to waste time chasing down each prospective candidate for each role. Additionally, the software makes it easy for you to directly streamline all aspects of your recruitment process in your dashboard. This streamlining includes writing the job description, advertising the position, reviewing applications, sending offers, and more. 

These are just a few of the benefits of using recruiter software to power your hiring efforts. To learn more about how you can use these benefits, click here 

Ali Ali is a content manager and blogger for alisquare.co.


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By Ali Ali