Top 10: Recruiting Bloggers You Should Follow

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Welcome to Top 10,’s weekly rundown of the best of the best in recruiting ! Every Friday, we release a list of some of our favorite people, things, and ideas dominating the industry. From awesome tech tools and cool companies to great books and powerful trends, no stone in the recruiting space will be left unturned.

This Week: Top 10 Recruiting Bloggers You Should Follow

Some of the people on this list write (or have written) for us, and others may not even know we exist. Some blog ferociously, and others go weeks at a time without releasing a new post. Some anchor company blogs, and others just blog for fun of it. Some are major names everyone will recognize, and others may be brand new to most of our readers.

What unites the many people on this list is one simple fact: Every blogger here contributes valuable thought leadership to the recruiting industry through engaging, insightful, and enlightening articles. We want to honor them for that.

So here they are (in no particular order): The top 10 recruiting bloggers that we think everyone should follow.

Kris1. Kris Dunn

Where you can read him: The HR Capitalist  and Fistful of Talent  (which he founded).

Why you should read him: “My eyes get glossy when HR people start talking about being strategic without being specific,” Dunn writes in his bio. That’s exactly why you should read him. It’s easy – perhaps too easy – to wax poetic about the big picture; Dunn deals in specifics, getting into all the gritty details you’ll need if you’re going to turn your rosy strategy into reality. Plus, he’s probably the best writer on the list, in terms of technical skill: His posts are always crisp, clear, and immediately practical.

Maren2. Maren Hogan

Where you can read her: Where can’t you read her? She regularly contributes to our site, Undercover Recruiter, ERE, and HR Examiner. Hogan also runs her own blog, Marenated, which is bursting with great articles.

Why you should read her: Hogan is perhaps the most prolific author in the recruiting space. If there’s a website about recruiting, she’s probably written for it; if there’s a recruiting-related topic you want to know about, she’s probably covered it. Hogan’s blogging will especially resonate with those of you who like relationship-focused approaches to recruiting and HR.

Jim3. Jim Stroud

Where you can read him: On his very well-trafficked blog. You can also catch his recruiting-focused show on YouTube  and listen to his It’s All Recruiting podcast.

Why you should read him: Stroud is very possibly the most knowledgeable man in recruiting, especially when it comes to social media and content-based recruiting. He’s also incredibly down to earth: Not only are his blog, show, and podcast incredibly informative, but they’re a lot of fun! Let’s be honest: This industry has a tendency to be very dull. Stroud is a much-needed breath of fresh air amidst all the fustiness.

Ries4. Austin Ries

Where you can read him: Ries holds down the Zoho blog.

Why you should read him: As far as company blogs go, Zoho’s is one of the best, and that’s largely thanks to Ries. Rather than dealing in self-promotion, Ries uses his spot on Zoho’s blog to dive deep into critical recruiting issues, like how to build better relationships with hiring managers and how to drastically improve the candidate experience.

Evelyn5. Evelyn Xu

Where you can read her: Here  and at Scope Group’s blog.

Why you should read her: Seriously, are there any other recruiting bloggers out there who write from a millennial point of view? Xu doesn’t write about millennials; she is a millennial – and a recruiter. This puts Xu in a unique position: While most other recruiters are busy trying to understand millennial talent through white papers and surveys, Xu has firsthand, lived experience. Her articles — which fuse recruiting knowledge with millennial sensibilities — should be required reading for any and all recruiters who work with millennial talent.

Jeff6. Jeff Altman

Where you can read him: Much of Altman’s work can be found at The Big Game Hunter’s Blog ; he also runs three podcasts (Job Search Radio, No BS Job Search Advice, and No BS Hiring Advice ) and an eZine.

Why you should read him: Altman does a lot of video blogging, so you’ll probably do more listening/watching than reading, but what matters is that Altman’s blog is a great resource for recruiters and job seekers alike. He does a lot of job search coaching, which is obviously useful for candidates, but recruiters can benefit from getting an inside look at the strategies candidates are employing to land jobs. Altman should also be praised for his blunt honesty: A recent video regarding unqualified candidates is simply titled “Read the Damn Ad.”

Ken7. Ken Sundheim

Where you can read him: Aside from occasionally sending some great work our way, Sundheim also writes for Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and numerous other blogs.

Why you should read him: The CEO of KAS Placement is also a graduate lecturer at NYU, Syracuse, and Pace, and his blog posts are every bit as intelligent and insightful as you’d expect. Worried that Sundheim might be an ivory tower academic? Don’t be: His most recent post on this website was a rundown of five hiring mistakes and their solutions. Like the best recruiting bloggers, Sundheim is always focused on the practical details, not the abstract ideas.

Liz8. Liz D’Aloia

Where you can read her: On our site  or over at the HR Virtuoso blog.

Why you should read her: D’Aloia is the founder of HR Virtuoso, but she is just as deserving of that title as her company is. Case in point: How many recruiting bloggers are out there conducting in-depth analyses of important court cases that might impact the industry ? Not many, that’s for sure.

josh9. Josh Tolan

Where you can read him: Josh is a regular contributor to, but he has also published with Mashable,, ERE, and The Huffington Post.

Why you should read him: As the CEO of video-interviewing solution Spark Hire, Tolan is naturally interested in the intersection between technology and recruiting, which he often writes about. Tolan also tackles the interviewing process in many of his posts, offering valuable guidance to both candidates and recruiters. Few bloggers are as in tune with the ins and outs of interviewing as Tolan is.

Angela Bortolussi10. Angela Bortolussi

Where you can read her: Bortolussi is most active on Recruiting Life  and Undercover Recruiter.

Why you should read her: Bortolussi is a social recruiting expert. She’s not just writing about LinkedIn and Facebook and the usual suspects: She also explores how to recruit through nontraditional platforms, like Instagram, and the value that recruiters can gain from learning how to code. If you want to read about the future of recruiting, Bortolussi should be your go-to writer.

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By Matthew Kosinski