Ken Sundheim

Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement, a New York City and Los Angeles recruiting firm specializing in sales and marketing recruitment. Ken is also a writer for Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur.com, and he has appeared on Fox Business News, MTV, and Bloomberg TV.

Inside Recruiting October 28, 2015
5 Hiring Mistakes That Kill Recruiting Efficiency

Hiring great employees is as is crucial as it is complex. Nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people in the right places. For this reason, organizations all over the world spend untold amounts of money, time, and energy pursuing top candidates. While some companies consistently get ahead and recruit those who have passion, audacity, and intelligence, others continually fall...

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How to Have a More Fulfilling Career

The majority of people want purpose in their job. They want to feel challenged, appreciated and respected, as well as properly compensated. Unfortunately, many waste countless hours dreaming of improvement while few take action toward achieving concrete goals that lead to a prosperous work life. Success begins with being motivated to continually improve as an individual as well as improving...

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How to Become More Intriguing and Influential at Work

Becoming influential and compelling at work doesn't so much have to deal with one's looks. For instance, when a Steve Balmer or Jack Welch enter a room (neither known for being particularly handsome), their aura quickly makes them the most attractive people in the space. Once they speak, people realize that it's not the nice tie they are wearing, nor is it the expensive suit, but rather...

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The Core of Successful Careers

While things such as a well-written resume, strong recommendations and a college degree will assist you in becoming a success, it is truly the intangibles which make or break a career. Even though you can't put your wisdom, positive outlook on life and business or your perceived people skills on your cover letter without coming across as over-generalized, they are the core of your successful...

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Finding Great Jobs that Nobody Else is Applying For

Often, it's not your resume that's hurting you.  It's not that your LinkedIn profile is preventing you from job search success.  It's not where you went to college, either. Rather, it's the number of other applicants going for the same openings.  For instance, if you're applying to the same positions as 1,000 other qualified applicants, you have a 0.1 percent chance of getting that...

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