Salary for Fashion Designers

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Also known as:  Apparel Designer, Clothes Designer, Clothing Designer, Costume Designer, Custom Furrier, Dance Costume Designer, Dress Designer, Fashion Designer, Hat Designer, Sweater Designer helps find better paying jobs across all specialties and locations. Sign up in our career community today!

Fashion designers supervise the drawing, sample cutting, and creation of garments based on their designs. They watch industry trends and incorporate changes in consumer preference into their designs. Some fashion designers may focus on creating entirely original trends, while others adapt existing designs in unique ways for the mass market. These professionals may meet with sales and marketing professionals regarding design ideas, attend fashion shows, and review trade magazines. They are responsible for choosing the color, weight and texture of textiles used in designs, and for selecting accessories to complete them. An Associate's degree is generally required in this field.

A Fashion Designer can expect a wage between $38,570 - $146,300 depending on education and experience. will normally get a salary of eigthy-seven thousand two hundred and ten dollars each year.

are compensated at the highest average salary in California, where they get normal pay levels of close to $97,270. People working these jobs have the highest average potential salary in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, which has a compensation of $108,710.

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The annual compensation for this career has gone up since 2004. Salaries have increased by an average of 36.37 percent nationwide in that time.


Fashion Designers tend to make the most in the following industries:

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Management of Companies and Enterprises
Administrative, Support and Waste Management Services
Wholesale Trade

In general, they earn less within the industries below:

Educational Services
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
Retail Trade
Wholesale Trade
Administrative, Support and Waste Management Services