Salary for Statement Clerks

This occupation has now been updated to Billing and Posting Clerks

Also known as:  Billing Clerk, Invoice Clerk, Invoice Control Clerk, Patient Account Representative, Posting Clerk, Statement Clerk, Statement Distribution Clerk, Statement Processor helps find better paying jobs across all specialties and locations. Sign up in our talent cluster and get scouted today!

Statement clerks prepare bank statements for customers, as well as distribute those statements. The role of a statement clerk also requires the professional to assist customers with a wide variety of issues and concerns with their statements. Statement clerks handle check signature verification, stop-payment notices, complete orders for checks, encode and cancel checks using special bank machines, load machines with statements and cancelled checks and more. Reasoning skills, customer service skills, critical thinking skills, and the ability to resolve customers issues in a positive manner are all required for those wishing to pursue a position as a statement clerk.

A Statement Clerk can earn average salaries of between $28,300 and $58,820 depending on seniority levels. usually receive a salary of fourty-one thousand six hundred and ten dollars yearly.

can obtain the highest salaries in District of Columbia, where they get normal pay levels of close to about $63,980. People with this job title can make the highest salaries in Utilities, where they can get pay levels, on average, of $50,340.

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The annual compensation for this career has gone up since 2004. Salaries have increased by an average of 48.27 percent nationwide in that time.


Statement Clerks tend to make the most in the following industries:

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Educational Services
Management of Companies and Enterprises

In general, they earn less within the industries below:

Retail Trade
Accommodation and Food Services
Transportation and Warehousing
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
Public Administration
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing