Salary for Radar and Sonar Technicians

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Also known as:  Acoustic Intelligence Specialist, Air Intercept Controller, An/Bqq-6 Trident Level Ii Journeyman Operation And Maintenance Technician, An/Bsy-1 (Xn-1)(V) Advanced Organizational Maintenance Technician, An/Bsy-1 (Xn-1)(V) Basic Organizational Maintenance Technician, An/Bsy-1 And An/Bqq-5e Combined Retained Equipment Maintenance Technician, An/Slq-48(V) Mine Neutralization Systems (Mns) Operator/Maintenance Technician, An/Sqq-30 Mine Classifying/Detecting Set Maintenance Technician, An/Sqq-32 Minehunting Sonar Set Operator, An/Sqq-32(V)3 Minehunting Sonar Set Operator (Mss) helps find better paying jobs across all specialties and locations. Sign up in our career community today!

These workers operate equipment using sound wave or radio technology. They use this to track, analyze and identify objects of military interest or natural phenomena. They may also perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning their equipment. To become a radar or sonar technician, one must first join the military. A high school diploma or GED is also required.

A Radar or Sonar Technician will normally get a pay level of $0 - $0 based on education and experience. Radar and Sonar Technicians will most likely receive an average compensation of zero dollars on a yearly basis.

Radar and Sonar Technicians are compensated at the highest average salary in , which has normal pay levels of approximately $0. Employees with these job titles can obtain the highest salaries in , which has job pay of $0.

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