HR Recruitment

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HR recruitment is a set of institutions and processes designed to ensure that the laws of job market supply and demand operate smoothly, by bridging the gaps in job-market information flow between job seekers and job providers. Fundamentally it is a middleman concept, with the recruiter serving as a two-way conduit of information and expertise to assist both employers and job hunters, ideally without bias (although many situations, e.g., being an in-house HR recruiter, can necessitate protecting the interests of the hiring company above all).

Essentially HR recruitment focuses on achieving a skills-challenge match that will satisfy the employer on the challenge side of the job equation, while optimally utilizing the skill sets of those placed in jobs. However, in addition to finding the best possible skills-challenges matches in filling a position, HR recruitment requires great sensitivity to values and resources matches-the compatibility and congruence of the values and resources of the employee and those within the corporate culture of the prospective employer.

HR recruitment refers to the process of meeting hiring needs by advertising for candidates, selecting, and finally hiring employees. In some instances, it extends to follow-up services after placement. As the organization's strength is dependent on the quality of its employees, it is important to adopt an effective recruitment strategy. This role falls under the purview of the HR department, which is responsible for recruiting and retaining talented employees, as well as other HR-related matters.

Recruitment can be done either in-house, with the HR department handling the recruitment needs of an organization, or by an external service provider (e.g., recruitment firm, consultancy) handling the recruitment for a range of positions. For example, organizations usually outsource the recruitment of candidates for senior appointments to executive recruitment consultancies. In the latter approach, rather than advertising openly, shortlisted candidates are often approached directly instead.

Recruitment is a growing business, with many recruitment consultancies becoming an increasingly significant source of graduate employment. Some consultancies have also carved out their respective niches in specific industries or services. Moreover, it is vital for these consultancies to deliver a high quality of service, as much of the business in this industry comes from referrals and repeat clients.

In today's world, with greater labor mobility and easy access to information, HR professionals have to adapt to the changing labor trends and find an effective recruitment system to attract the best talents for the organization. Even though recruitment is sometimes seen as a thankless task, it still plays a very crucial role in determining the performance and future of the organization.

More than ever before networking and networking technologies, such as social media, are playing an indispensable and influential role in shaping the future of recruiting in ways that are blurring the boundaries between our professional and personal lives, e.g., through the use, mining, monitoring and maintenance of social media pages, e.g., Facebook and LinkedIn.
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