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  • Recruiting
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About Me

Hello, I’m Terence and I specialize in healthcare recruiting. I spent 30 years in the healthcare arena. I started as a direct service provider and eventually made my way to C level positions. During my many years, I reviewed thousands of resumes, interviewed hundreds of people, including physicians, nurses, case managers, other service providers and administrators of various levels. Thieve duties resulted in filling scores of positions at every level. This wealth of experience has given me a thorough understanding of how to identify and vet people for positions in healthcare. Further, I sought and obtained certification as a Certified Career and Vocation Coach (CCVC) to enhance my skills to review and design resumes, conduct and teach interviewing and coach people on their careers. The skills forged during the decades I worked in the field and the experiences with a variety of people are cherished gifts I give thanks for. I will bring to bear all I have to recruit the finest talent for each position I focus on.

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