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Temp agencies are professional recruitment firms that specialize in hourly assignments. Find resources about working with temp agencies, find temporary work, and learn about best practices for the staffing industry.

Temp agencies are recruitment firms that specialize in hiring individuals for short-term, non-permanent positions. Some such agencies allow a part-time employee they have place to be hired by the employer full-time for a specific fee. Some agencies specialize in a particular field, while others concentrate more on providing a pool of workers with various skill sets on which an employer can draw. One surprising fact about some temp agencies is that they will often offer their contractor pool of employees benefits such as health insurance or 401K benefits. New models of contingent labor are being developed that offer consultants and temporary workers benefits rivaling leading employers.

The benefit of temporary agencies to an employer include accessibility to a pool of employees that the employer may not be able to access any other way, as well as keeping the employer from having to make a permanent commitment to either the individual being hired or the position for which the individual is being hired. Often, such agencies will administer tests to establish the secretarial, technical, or other skills of an applicant. The scores on these tests are placed into a database that will enable a potential employer to judge the part-time candidates suitability for the position.

Temporary agencies provide the employee the opportunity to work only at those assignments that interest them, as well as the opportunity to try new fields of work without a permanent commitment. Temporary positions are usually available in a wide variety of fields and locations. In addition, since a temporary worker is only offered an assignment on a voluntary basis, the temporary worker has great flexibility in determining what hours and what days he or she will work.
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