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A CV builder, as a tool for the creation of an effective CV to be submitted for academic, research and related funding applications, can take several forms, ranging from broad tips, samples or templates posted or published online or as hard-copy, to specialist assistance, in the form of consultant or writer involvement with the process. Commonly, the term is taken to mean a tool, rather than a person, and may or may not be available at no charge.

A Google search for "CV builder" will return more than 600,000 results, confirming that access to such tools is more than ample. More specialized searches, e.g., "medical CV builder", may produce far fewer results, but provide some of use.

A CV builder is an online tool for creating a CV-understood as the documentation required when applying for an academic or research position, as opposed to a general "resume", with which "CV" is sometimes regarded as synonymous. It does this in a couple of ways. First, it will help collect all of the information needed to compile and complete the CV together in one platform. Second, the better CV builders will allow working on the CV for a while, save the work, then return to it again later, perhaps after a much-needed break, and when ready to resume the task.

Third, a good CV builder will ask the CV writer questions that the CV writer should consider regarding personal skills, the type of position applied for, the key points to emphasize and any other information that may be relevant to correctly building a CV. In addition to online tools, there also are companies that call themselves "CV builders" that will write the CV for the job hunter. Legitimate companies that perform this service will perform the same functions that the online tool will, but with the added understanding that a human being can provide support to all levels of such a task.

However, the cost to hire someone to build a CV for the job hunter can be much greater than the cost to use an online CV builder. Which option to choose depends on affordability, the employment goals set and the types of positions being applied for. If the job hunter is seeking a job in academia, he or she should check the academic institution's policy regarding documents written by others to ensure that hiring another person to write or otherwise assist with the CV does not violate any of the academic world's restrictions on plagiarism.
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