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A "CV library", as an archive of active or filed resumes and CVs, can have many of the advantages and disadvantages of a book library: competitive demand and over-choice, insufficient numbers of stored items, a wide range in quality, mis-classification, out-of-date information, etc. But, like conventional libraries, they offer centralized, easy access to what is wanted. Fortunately, there are no fines for holding on to a resume too long.

The challenge for those adding their CVs is to choose an archive in which theirs will not get lost or overlooked because of the sheer volume of documents filed there or where the competition is so elite that the odds of being selected for consideration are very unfavorable.

The corresponding challenge for those vetting CVs is to find an archive of manageable size and with few low-quality resumes. In a perfect world, these would also be archives that somehow attract few competing firms and recruiters. Alternatively, they could be governmental recruiting websites.

"CV Library", like "kleenex" or "Kleenex" can be either a proprietarial or generic designation. Generially, it refers to a listing of many CV's in an online forum that can be reviewed by potential employers, or, proprietarily, designates a company in the United Kingdom that claims it is the leading job search site for the United Kingdom.

An online CV can refer to a CV that is either posted online or one that is prepared online by a CV generator. Online forums for CVs perform a function similar to, but, in application, not as immediate as a job or career fair might. A potential employer or job recruiter can go to these online forums and search through the posted CV's to see whether there is a candidate they may wish to interview.

Many job site search engines offer the option to the prospective employee of posting his or her CV to their job search website for potential employers to review. An online CV may be posted on such a job search engine. In addition, more innovative people are also posting their CVs on personal websites and on social media sites in hopes of gaining more exposure as well. Posting a CV online in a less traditional setting such as a personal webpage gives the poster the option of "jazzing" the CV up with computer graphics, links and photographs, but there have been few studies that currently indicate whether such innovative CV's generate more job leads than those presented in a more traditional fashion.

Some employers, including governmental agencies, may require prospective employees to generate their CV online using the employer's own CV generating software rather than allowing prospective employees to send in their own individually prepared versions.
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