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Employee selection, like any other form of screening, comprises critical components that are not always consciously or carefully formulated by the hiring organization or the job applicant. As a result, some of these elements may not have been adequately reviewed before implementation. Core elements in employee selection-elements that should be thoughtfully formulated, investigated or applied include:

* formulation of detailed immediate and long-term hiring goals
* criteria for determining whether those goals have been met in the screening process
* review of the appropriateness (legal or otherwise) of the assessment methods
* assurance of reliability and validity of the key concepts and definitions applied in the selection process, e.g., "team player", "certified" or "large-scale project manager"
* a consistent and comprehensive decision-making and notification processes (to ensure objectivity, fairness and commensurability of candidate assessments)
* clear rationales for the standards applied, rejections and job offers.

Proper employee selection is a vital factor in achieving operational goals within any organization. Though hiring the right employee may be challenging, the expense and other collateral effects of employing the wrong employee make a rigorous and formalized recruitment and selection process worth the time and effort needed to implement. Hiring the right employee enhances the workplace atmosphere, increases morale, and contributes to heightened productivity.

Selecting the proper employee requires forethought, planning, screening, and other considerations. Before recruiting potential candidates to fill a position, it is important to perform a job analysis to understand precisely what an organization needs and where it needs it. The job analysis leads to a well-developed job description which assists in attracting the right talent. The next step involves the development of an employment checklist that is closely followed by the hiring manager so that recruitment efforts remain inline business goals.

A critical part of the employee selection process is the review of job applications. The goal is to ensure that the only applications that make it through to the interviewing process are ones that exactly match the characteristics requested in the job description. Interviewing is one of the most influential and important stages in the hiring process. Developing targeted and relevant questions is critical when distinguishing mediocre applicants from applicants that can truly benefit an organization.

The final process of the selection of employees engages all relevant management groups and relies on group consensus to ensure that no aspect of the potential employee's qualifications is overlooked or under-analyzed.

A critical, sometimes overlooked aspect of effective employee selection is careful, reflective, systematic, fair, valid and reliable formulation of the standards and processes to be applied during the vetting process, in the rejection of candidates and in the extension of job offers.
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