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"Employer of choice" may sound like nothing more than a fancy way of saying "good employer", but with a strategic, competitive nuance not much different from that implicit in "weapon of choice". Indeed, in some instances, that's all it means. However, on critical reflection it can be suggested that it should mean two distinct things:

1. an employer that has extremely effective, superior methods of recruiting employees.
2. an employer that has extremely effective, superior methods of retaining employees.

These are not the same, but are equally important, much as being a successful incumbent politician and being a successful candidate are to the tasks of governance. As an employer worth choosing, an employer of choice must be attractive at both stages of talent engagement: in the recruitment and in the employment phases of involvement to fully qualify for that designation.

Employers who excel only at recruiting, but not retaining talent, or, conversely, those who are very successful in retaining those they manage to recruit may warrant being described as "employers of semi-choice" or some equivalent of that.

Employers of choice are those companies or organizations that demonstrate effective and innovative human resource management systems that help them to attract and retain the best and most suitable talent.

Employers are now approaching human resources with new and innovative strategies to reach their desired business goals. To achieve this objective, retaining top quality talent is a key component, and to do this an employer needs to attract talent and optimize their utilization after hiring.

Best-practice employers are those who realize the value of talent, accommodate lifestyle and work-life balance desires of their employees, and offer an attractive work environment, compensation package, etc.

The following practices can go a long way toward making an organization an employer of choice:
* Communication with the employees is a vital factor. Employers have to communicate clearly, consistently, comprehensively and honestly, and they have to show respect to and win respect from their employees.
* Employers need to approach employee relations collaboratively.
* Employers should endeavor to maintain a vibrant company culture that offers security, satisfaction and stimulation as key elements of "engagement"..
* An employer commitment to equitable treatment of all staff should be among the highest priorities.

It is necessary to adopt all those principles in every phase of employer interactions with talent-from initial recruitment through post-hiring, and even on to post-employment, for an organization or a company to make itself and deserve to be considered an employer of choice.
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