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Once upon a time, the most efficient way for an employer to access resumes was to solicit them, through a newspaper or magazine job ad. But, in fact, that was not an especially efficient method-especially in retrospect and now, in the age of the Internet. Now, a Google keyword search for "resume database" will yield not only direct links to top resume and job database providers such as, and LinkedIn, but also more than 500,000 other returns.

Apart from convenience, online resume databases offer and allow proactive employer searches for talent, instead of merely reactive searches. Although posting an ad and waiting for responses involves an initial proactive step, the wait for responses is as passive as a spider's wait on its web for passing, passable flies. In contrast to this "static quest" and "passive hunt", searches and hunts for HR talent on the human Web are anything but passive, and afford a degree of control and efficiency a newspaper ad could never match.

The best way to find resumes is search for them online. When it comes to searching for any information or product the Internet can be the ultimate provider. Learning how to find resumes online can pay off greatly for companies.

Since its advent, the Internet has slowly become a prominent and indispensable part of life. Today most people cannot even imagine passing a day without accessing the Internet, much less imagine getting by without it altogether. Previously, people used to apply for jobs and send their resumes by mail. This was a time consuming and costly affair, not only for the sender, but for the H.R. department. They had to sift through hundreds of resumes manually to find those that best fit the job. Keeping a resume data base involved large numbers of file cabinets and usually one or two employees dedicated to record keeping. The Internet has changed the entire process.

These days people get to know about job openings through the Internet. They can apply online. Employers have learned how to use the Internet for solicitation of resumes and then ask the selected candidates for interviews. Everything happens by a click of the mouse and an applicant's information is stored either in a database or now, in 'The Cloud", which completely cuts actual paperwork to a minimum.

It is possible to find candidates worldwide today, easily, by using Internet job banks for advertising. This also makes it possible for companies that have multiple offices to centralize hiring to one location and insure proper procedures are followed and all necessary forms and steps are completed.

Among the leading resume and job listing providers are, of course,,, LinkedIn,, and Purely regional or niche market job and resume database websites serve narrower markets and can be a valuable resource for those interested in scaling down the numbers of resumes, job categories and competitors hunting jobs or talent.
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