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International or global recruiting is a method of recruiting that, among other of its features, can be very specialized and niche, e.g., in targeting overseas senior talent, or focused on capitalizing on lower labor costs in other regions.

Similarly, it can be part of a systematic campaign-for example, the Japanese government-sponsored initiative to promote "Global Jinzai Management", i.e., global human resource/human asset management, for the purpose of training, habituating, assigning and recruiting both domestic and foreign talent to, for and from overseas markets.

One of its drivers is that globalization has created the need for management talent with knowledge of local markets, local contacts, global networks, and the ability to localize products and services.

Organizations looking to expand internationally must often source local management talent without having direct knowledge or experience in the area and will therefore turn to local HR or global recruiting experts for assistance.

In competitive fields, sometimes the most qualified candidates are not found within the geographical confines of one's own country. It is for this reason that global recruitment can be a crucial part in hiring the best individuals for your business. Advancements in technology allow for interviews to be conducted via telephone or the Internet just as would be done with domestic applicants. When using indirect marketing strategies, there are many agencies that specialize in international recruitment.

Beyond the wider applicant pool, hiring outside of your own country can often be cost-efficient as the pay rate in other countries is at times substantially less than it is within one's own borders. This is particularly true with workers that are able to work abroad. By allowing employees to work from their own location, there is also a decreased need for office space and supplies, which can be a great method for cost-reduction. Another advantage of international recruiting is found when evaluating the estimated tax costs of international employees who work in their home regions.

Global or international recruiting can be part of an organizational globalization strategy, e.g., outsourcing or global market expansion, or be merely an isolated instance of having to look abroad for the right talent to fill a niche, irrespective of whether the candidate will relocate or work remotely. Even when the candidate relocates, it may be possible for the employer to enjoy a wage-cost benefit when that new employee has much lower salary expectations than his or her counterparts that would otherwise be recruited from within the employer's region.

Hiring overseas talent can be delegated to HR experts or onsite associates in the target region or managed from the employer's base. Delegation to others who know the candidate culture, the region's job market, local compensation and other expectations there, important cultural differences and the protocols of cross-cultural or local communication may be the smartest route in hiring-especially when the host employer has little familiarity or expertise in dealing with workers there.
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