January 25, 2021

3 Amazing Tools to Easily Ace Any Online Assessment in 2021

In the following article, you will learn how to improve your preemployment assessment score. This can be easily achieved through the use of three techniques: accuracy, new skill learning, and reducing anxiety.

The job market is the most competitive it has ever been. With an incredible number of candidates for each position, you may feel like a needle in a haystack. You are probably asking yourself: How do I make sure I am the needle they choose?

There is a way for you to outshine the other candidates: ace the online assessment. Get a great score on the test, and you will be called for an interview.

Let’s dive right in to see how you can do it:

1. Accuracy 

What if I were to tell you that just before taking the online exam, you could receive both the questions and answers to the test? Your success rate would be 100 percent, wouldn’t it? Well, maybe 95 percent if your memory is not that great. But still, you would ace the test, no problems.

While you can’t get the exact questions, you can get practice questions that look and feel exactly like the ones on the test you are about to take. Practicing with an accurate simulation is almost the same as getting the actual questions in advance, and your success rate will skyrocket.

Let’s look at one of the more unique tests out there, developed by one of the world’s leading corporations: Procter & Gamble (P&G).

The P&G online assessment is a mix of three interactive challenges. These are as far from the classic question-and-answer-test as you can possibly imagine. Watch this video to get a closer look at the P&G online assessment:

For instance, in one of the challenges, you will find four symbols that change position according to a specific rule. You need to choose the correct operator (out of three alternatives) to change the order of the symbols according to that rule.

Each operator consists of four digits. Each digit represents the previous position of each symbol before the operator changed it. The new order of the symbols’ positions matches the position of the digits.

The only way to approach a unique test like this is to practice with accurate simulations. This will ensure that everything you encounter will look familiar come test day — almost like you got the questions in advance. It will greatly improve your performance and your score.

Boost your P&G online assessment score with an accurate practice test that looks and feels exactly like the real test.

Another good example is the FBI special agent exam. This is an extensive three-hour test covering many bases, such as cognitive, behavioral, and logical reasoning tests.

Watch this video to get an in-depth look at the FBI special agent exam:

This hard test includes unique questions like this one:

Find the missing symbol.

Now, imagine you had to sit through three hours of questions like this!

Like I already said, your best chance to improve your performance is to practice with an accurate simulation. This way, you will not be surprised by anything.

Get accurate FBI special agent exam practice and improve your score.

2. New Skill Learning

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

To ace any online assessment, it is not enough to know the kinds of questions that will be on the test; you need to know how to solve them as well. If you understand the logic behind each and every question, it will be much easier for you to deal with similar problems in the future.

How do you achieve that understanding? With step-by-step solutions and explanations for every practice question.

Let’s take a look at two of the world’s largest and most sought-after employers:

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart

Both companies have many different jobs to fill, and they tailor a specific set of online tests for each role. In most of these tests, you will be presented with work situations related to the specific job for which you are applying. Your task in each situation is to rank the possible responses from best to worst.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

The problem with this kind of test is that we think intuition is sufficient, but in reality, we often need the complete opposite. Remember, the right answer is the one that emphasizes the personality the employer is looking for, which does not necessarily align with your initial intuition.

Let’s see an example:

Well? Let’s look at the explanation to better understand how to approach this kind of question:

The correct ranking is 1, 2, 4, 3.

(A) is ranked first because this situation relates to safety procedures, which are very important and must be taken seriously. If a safety procedure violation is not handled immediately, it can lead to injury or death.

(B) is ranked second because this situation relates to disciplinary problems. It is crucial for managers to deal with disciplinary problems when they appear, yet they are not as critical as safety issues.

(D) is ranked third because the situation relates to productivity. Productivity rate is very important, but because you need to rank the situation in relation to other situations, productivity is less urgent than safety and discipline problems of this degree.

(C) is ranked fourth since the situation relates to the working environment, which is an important subject but not urgent and can therefore be dealt with last.

Much clearer, isn’t it? The key to knowing how to solve any kind of question is to understand the logic behind it. This is the essence of learning a new skill. Having a detailed explanation for every question will get you there. Once you learn the new skill, your performance will improve immensely. And your score? You know where this is going.

Get full explanations for the Amazon assessment test and the Walmart assessment test and boost your score.

3. Reducing Anxiety

I’ll let you in on a little secret: Most tests do not include tough questions. If you take the test in the comfort of your home and have all the time in the world, you will eventually get it right. The trouble begins when we add the ticking clock to the mix.

Let’s look at one of the most popular preemployment assessments, the CCAT (Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test).

When taking the CCAT, you need to answer 50 questions in 15 minutes. It adds up to about 18 seconds per question. Sounds impossible, I know, but it is doable if you properly prepare for it.

For more information about the CCAT, watch this video:

This kind of stressful time constraint is very popular, and it’s an element you will find in many tests. For most candidates, time constraints cause anxiety, which will undoubtedly result in poor performance.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Dealing with a time constraint is a muscle you can, and should, exercise. And it’s really easy to do: Just practice with the exact same time constraint as the test you are about to take.

The more you practice, the more comfortable you will get with the time constraint, which will reduce anxiety. Reducing anxiety will result in better performance, which will boost your score.

Practice for the CCAT under the same time constraints, reduce anxiety, and boost your score.


The online assessment is an obstacle you have to pass on your way to a job, but it can also be a great opportunity to stand out and beat your competition.

Improving your performance and score is quite easy, and can be achieved using three simple techniques:

  1. Accuracy
  2. New Skill Learning
  3. Reducing Anxiety

Getting a great score is in your hands! Good luck.

Recruiter.com regularly features reviews, articles, and press releases from leading businesses. This featured article may include paid promotion or affiliate links. Please make every effort to perform due diligence when selecting products and services for your business or investment needs and compare information from a variety of sources. Use this article for general and informational purposes only.

Recruiter.com regularly features reviews, articles, and press releases from leading businesses. This featured article may include paid promotion or affiliate links. Please make every effort to perform due diligence when selecting products and services for your business or investment needs and compare information from a variety of sources. Use this article for general and informational purposes only.