Car Sales Consultant in the showroom with the buyerThe state of the economy these days has a lot of us scrambling for ways to make the grade and sell ourselves to a new host of potential employers. Some of us are looking to follow a whole new path with what we’re doing, while others are looking for ways to repackage ourselves by putting older skill sets to good use.

One skill set that many people have in one capacity or another is sales, an area that comes alongside more advantages than you’d think. However, far too many people with sales backgrounds fail to realize what an asset that can be. Let’s take a look at some of the most solid advantages that come with a background or a job in selling.

1. Sales skills are in demand

A good sales team is something every company needs in one capacity or another. It’s the salespeople who help convince people and corporations that they really need a given product or service, so often they’re the heartbeat of a given business’s bottom line. If you have a strong sales background – especially if you are very strong in this area – this is something you should be using to sell yourself to potential employers. Good, solid selling skills are something big companies are looking for all the time, but they’re something that can be almost impossible to find. If you can offer this to your future employers, you have a real ace in the hole.

2. Salespeople don’t deal with income ceilings

Most sales professionals work in one capacity or another that finds them earning commissions on sales they make. This means a salesperson actually has a limitless capacity to earn and quite a bit of control over the amount of pay he/she actually takes home to his/her family. This makes selling a great choice in today’s economy. Plus, you’ll receive plenty of encouragement from your supervisors. No sales manager ever tells their star salesman to slow down! More likely, the person is given tools and resources to maximize his potential. The more money the salesman makes, the more money that’s made for the company to boot!

3. Salespeople don’t need to invest a lot to get started

Although there are certainly educational programs out there that revolve around selling, sales isn’t an area where you need a fancy four-year degree in order to get started on the road to success. It’s more important to have people skills and a knack for grasping the basic concepts that come along with achieving sales success, as these are often things that can’t be taught at any college. If that sounds like you, then exploring sales as an option could be a good idea.

4. Sales is challenging

Most people spend their whole lives looking for a way to make a living that actually challenges them and add some kind of stimulation to their day. Selling can do that and then some, especially if you enjoy working with people and operating in a more social capacity on the job.


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