January 3, 2013

5 Talent Management Companies to Watch

business man  with binoculars looking to the futureWhen your organization experiences a sudden increase in revenue or opportunity and you need to branch out and increase your current structure, how do you go about making the most of your existing resources while also ensuring that new hires are up to snuff?  While some corporations may have large and extensive HR departments, there may not be a talent manager on site in order to better streamline the process. So, what do you do? Hire someone else to handle the process for you.

Talent management companies have the distinct advantage of being able to recognize the existing talent and skill set of your company while reducing redundancies—filling in gaps with new employees that have an incredible background and a wealth of expertise.  Here are five recognized talent management agencies to consider during your next major recruitment process initiative or performance management project.


A leader in consulting services around the globe, Accenture prides itself on its ability to provide human resources and talent management services to companies of all shapes and sizes.  Whether you’re looking for a great way to cut your recruiting costs or trying to determine how to make the most of an underperforming employee, this company has had incredible success with large companies, like Comcast and Harley-Davidson, using their unique HR strategies to transform workplaces across the country.


This company is world renowned for its ability to manage and maintain workforces.  From a small business to a giant corporation, Deloitte’s base is on its insightful methodology of “deploy, develop and connect”. Enabling companies to turn their workforce around is what Deloitte do best. As most business owners are aware, the cost of hiring new staff is significantly higher than the cost of training (or re-training, as the case may be) existing employees.


Offering a wide range of talent management and related services, Kenexa is best known for its ability to conduct assessments on companies, which enables it to retrofit its existing workforce and employ methods that help with employment branding and maximizing skill sets of employees. Employment branding is a critical component of not only retaining your existing talent but also bringing new talent on board.  A company that is well known for the way that it recognizes its employees, takes care of them and helps them realize their potential shows a company that understands the important of the adding and retaining the right talent.


This innovative company blends HR strategy and talent management with the power of the Internet, providing organizations with either a two-or-three-day talent management workshop that helps them manage the performance and skills of their employees. The workshop also helps with finer aspects like goal setting with your staff, coaching skills and providing constructive support, which empowers employees to be the best possible version of themselves.


Their website boasts some pretty highbrow clients, like Citirx, and it’s not really a surprise when you consider the power behind their performance.  Peoplefluent gives businesses an integrated talent management solution that provides instant results whether it is through strategic planning or analyzing the many dimensions of your workforce.

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