Alex Leader

Alex Leader is the founder and CEO of Aviso Retention, a software and AI student success software platform and equity solution that helps colleges and universities keep students engaged, optimize the chances of student success, and avoid attrition. After seeing a need for a solution that assists students to succeed beyond the traditional education path, Alex dedicated his focus to higher education. He combined his passion for student engagement, retention, and advocacy with his experience in institutional consulting to mold the Aviso Retention platform into a solution that addresses the timely needs of advisors and success coaches. At Aviso Retention, Alex works with partner institutions to understand their challenges, using these interactions to guide Aviso's product and service offerings. With an additional focus on traditionally underserved institutions, Alex believes that every institution and its students deserve solutions that ensure equity, increase social mobility, and create positive outcomes for all of society.

The Innovators April 14, 2021
Building the Next Generation of Frontline Workers: How the Leaders of Today Can Ensure a Bright Future for Essential Industries

During the global pandemic, we've witnessed essential workers — healthcare professionals, police officers, and firefighters, to name a few — risking their health to provide the care and service Americans need. As the past year has shown us all, frontline workers are crucial to our country's continued success. While frontline leaders and managers have a duty to create work environments...

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