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Insurance Nexus aims to be the leading information and networking hub for insurance professionals worldwide, with a focus on digital transformation and emerging business models. Alexander Cherry leads the research effort behind new business ventures, encompassing summits, surveys, and industry reports. He is particularly focused on new markets and topics and strives to render market information in a digestible format that bridges the gap between quantitative and qualitative.

The Innovators January 19, 2018
Actuaries of the Future: What Role Will actuaries Play in Shaping the AI-Led Insurance Companies of Tomorrow?

Cast your eye down your newsfeed and one thing is clear: Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived in insurance. From natural-language processing and chatbots for claims resolution to big data and algorithms in the actuarial back office, it seems there is barely a cog in the venerable insurance machine that AI will leave untouched. Insurance has always been a balance of people, who remain...

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