Alexander Ruggie

Alexander Ruggie is the creative director for Black Mountain Products, a premier manufacturer and provider of the highest quality and largest selection of resistance bands, yoga equipment, and fitness products available.

The Innovators August 25, 2015
How Exercising Employees Builds Muscle Mass for Your Business

If, as you read this, you're slouched over in an office chair in front of a computer, with your head perched on your palm, then you're the rule, not the exception. This is how most of us spend our days at work now: seated. Unfortunately, sitting in a chair for eight hours a day is proving to be quite costly for our overall health. Evidence is starting to indicate that this seemingly...

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Inside Recruiting July 1, 2015
5 Myths of Social Recruiting

July is Social Recruiting Month at Recruiter.com, and we're kicking it off by busting some myths, courtesy of Alexander Ruggie.  Myth No. 1: LinkedIn Is the Best Place to Find Candidates LinkedIn is a great site for finding certain candidates and for posting jobs in general, but in terms of finding the people who are right for a given position, it is definitely not the only social...

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Get Hired June 23, 2015
How a Smile Can Get You Hired

People underestimate the power of a good smile. It doesn't matter if you are a beauty queen, a GQ model, or just an average Joe: a good smile will get you very far in life. A "good smile" doesn't even necessarily mean an attractive one -- rather, it means one that is sincere. A sincere smile can make a tense room calm, and it can add levity or brilliance to anything from a funeral to a job...

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Inside Recruiting May 20, 2015
Millennials, Myths, and Making Money

Millennials aren't the new workforce, they are the workforce, according to Pew Research Center. According to Forbes, millennials today have over $200 billion in annual purchasing power, which makes them major players in the economic future of the country at both ends of the buyer-seller spectrum. Now that this highly connected, technology-infused generation accounts for the majority of...

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