Andrea Kayal

Andrea Kayal is the CMO of Electric. She has two decades of experience spanning business strategy, demand generation, brand message and design, product, content and customer marketing, customer retention, and more. Her teams have been responsible for go-to-market execution and growth. Most recently, Andrea served as CMO at Upserve, where she was responsible for marketing and sales development. Before joining Upserve, she led marketing at Signpost, Sailthru, and Lua.

The Innovators January 16, 2020
The CMO Does Not Create a World-Class Brand — the Product and the People Do. That Has Repercussions for Recruiting.

Electric is the fourth B2B SaaS startup for which I've led marketing. Of the previous three, I saw double-digit growth at one of them and triple-digit growth at two of them. When I get hired, CEOs typically look to me to drive growth. There are generally two pillars of B2B marketing that accomplish this goal. The first is making thoughtful investments like a hedge fund manager, and the...

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