Aytekin Tank

Aytekin Tank is the founder and CEO of JotForm, a well-known online form builder. JotForm allows recruiters to create forms and collect data without writing a single line of code. Popular use cases include collecting job applications, vetting candidates, scheduling interviews, and more.

Smart Tech March 29, 2021
How Unpaid Digital Labor Is Harming Your Employees

It's a scenario we all know too well: You're sitting down to dinner with your family. Your youngest is telling you about the A she got on her math test, and just as you reach across the table for a high five, your phone chimes. It's a work email. You know it. Your family knows it. You consider your options: A) Check it now, and risk your dinner getting cold and your family annoyed while...

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The Innovators November 27, 2020
Remote Work Is Here to Stay. This Is How You Can Protect Your Company Culture.

When remote workplace technology came on the scene, some predicted it would quickly catch on and make the daily commute obsolete. It didn't. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, only about 7 percent of the US workforce had the option to work remotely in 2019. The pandemic changed that overnight. In an interview published in July 2020, Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom said 42...

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The Innovators December 17, 2018
Bonus and Bounce: A Solution to Holiday Churn

In December, your employees will celebrate their hard-earned bonuses. By January, many of those same employees will have disappeared. The "bonus and bounce" is a seasonal loss we take for granted, akin to the trees shedding their leaves. However, I think the bonus and bounce doesn't have to be inevitable, and popular retention tactics aren't helping us counter it. We focus too much on...

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The Innovators June 8, 2018
Smoke It, Don't Sear It: How to Create and Preserve a Genuine Culture

Business bloggers glorify company cultures without any consideration of their origins. Anyone can point at Netflix, Zappos, or other cultural icons and say, "Do that." But how do you build a genuine culture if you're justing copying someone else's? You don't. Cultural imitation has a terrible track record (e.g., the whole 20th century). Cultures are specific to geography, historical...

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Inside Recruiting June 19, 2017
Startup Life: 3 Tips on Making Your Very First Hire

Running a startup is simultaneously exciting and exhausting, especially during the early days, when you have to be a jack of all trades – and probably a master of only a few. If yours is like any other growing startup, you're probably juggling dozens of tasks a day. Those that you don't finish today get added to tomorrow's list. Eventually, you'll arrive at a point in your startup's...

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