Betsey Banker

Betsey Banker is wellness manager at Ergotron. With more than a decade of experience working for a leading manufacturer of ergonomic and sit-stand display mount solutions, Betsey has experienced firsthand the transformative impact that movement can have on worker well-being. At Ergotron, Betsey is a trainer, catalyst, and coach, helping others to understand and embrace the importance of movement within their own lives and those they influence. Betsey is a member of the National Wellness Institute and SHRM.

The Innovators September 6, 2017
Less Is More: Don't Overthink Your Wellness Program

Today, many employers are tasked with preserving and promoting the health and happiness of their employees. As a result, much attention is paid to perks beyond healthcare and 401(k) benefits. Wellness leaders are responding, offering a wide variety of lifestyle improvement and chronic disease management programs while exploring everything from flexible work arrangements to pet...

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