Brian Delle Donne

Brian Delle Donne is the president of Talent Tech Labs (TTL), an innovation hub exclusively focused on the advancement of the talent acquisition profession through incorporating advanced technologies. TTL fosters innovation and assists in facilitating adoption of effective solutions that increase talent acquisition effectiveness.

Smart Tech April 28, 2017
3 Ways Hiring Assessments Fail You and Your Candidates

Each year, the team here at Talent Tech Labs looks at trends in talent acquisition and tries to predict what will make the most waves in the coming months. While we've been exploring which hiring assessment technologies are pushing boundaries furthest, we have found that there can sometimes be miscommunications between the technologies that exist and the needs of the users. Though we see...

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Inside Recruiting August 29, 2016
The Aftermath of LinkedIn's Acquisition

In a world of inexpensive apps, a world where school children learn Google Docs rather than Microsoft Word, Microsoft has realized that perhaps it's time to expand its platform and data applications – and talent acquisition is the area into which it has chosen to expand. This came to light the moment the software giant acquired LinkedIn for more than $26 billion – the largest purchase...

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