Caroline Knight

Caroline Knight is CEO and founder of Hired Central LLC based in Falls Church, Virginia. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Higher Education. In addition, Ms. Knight has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance and Master of Business Administration. Caroline can be contacted at [email protected]

Ready, Set, Go: Running Your Career Race

Some do not realize that their "career race" is not a sprint.  It is a marathon.  So many people grow weary doing their race and never reach their full potential.  In our "career race", we have to stay focused on finishing the course.  You cannot waste time looking back or watching the competition. Too many people waste time thinking about what could have happened or dwell on the...

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Steps to Finding Your Passion

It is difficult to focus on finding your passion while you are trying to focus on paying the rent, car payment, car insurance, etc. However, it is important for people not to just show up to a job everyday with no passion or remain in a career that seems to go nowhere.  Everyone was created with a specific purpose; however, it is up to each individual to find and fulfill that purpose.   In...

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