Chris Bunney

Chris Bunney is a photographer, writer, filmmaker, and founder and president of the San Francisco video production company Capitola Media. He has produced feature films, web series, and even designed billboards in Times Square. Chris has worked for NBC, Disney, and Steven Spielberg. Rumor has it he's currently working on a horror feature film.

Smart Tech February 16, 2021
Recruitment Videos: An Often Overlooked Employer Branding Tool

According to Gartner, almost half of all SP 100 job postings in 2018 were targeted to fill just 39 roles, mainly in IT, research and development, marketing, sales, and customer service. Competition for top talent in these fields, it goes without saying, is stiff. And it doesn't help that it often takes more than a month to fill a single open requisition. Employers should have all the...

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