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The Rise of Video Interviewing [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the economy in a rut, many companies are starting to reevaluate the traditional hiring process. After all not only is the traditional process long, but it can be surprisingly inefficient. A great way employers are looking to update and shorten this process is with video interviews. There are several ways to utilize video interviews in the hiring process and they bring their own unique...

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Comparing Digital and Video Interviewing

By now you've probably heard about and/or considered incorporating video interviewing into your recruitment and hiring process. Video interviewing promises efficiency in the interview process, both from a cost and productivity standpoint. Broad adoption of video technology by consumers has further propelled interest in the video interview technology space. So why not just use Skype? Or start a...

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The New Mobile Workplace [Infographic]

Everybody knows that mobile use has absolutely exploded. But how has it exactly impacted the professional workplace? HireVue, a leader in the digital, live interviewing space, recently studied mobile trends in the workplace and came up with this fancy infographic. Some of the most interesting stats? 91% of mobile workers use a smartphone for work and most now think that the traditional office...

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Discrimination During the Hiring Process [Infographic]

How to avoid discrimination in the hiring process is a tricky, but extremely important question. For many companies and recruiters, discrimination concerns can become the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about for fear of saying the wrong thing. But just what is discrimination in the hiring process and what isn't? What are some examples of workplace discrimination in action?...

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Odd Jobs that Pay a Lot

If you tell people at a cocktail party that you cook meals for sailors on a submarine, steal back planes, or clean up bloody crime scenes, you might get some odd looks. But if you do have one of these odd jobs, you'll have more than colorful stories to tell at cocktail parties - you'll also be earning a lot of money. Here's an infographic created by PayDay One that illustrates some wacky...

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Video: The Missing Piece of Hiring [Infographic]

Technology is changing the way we live our lives. It's changed the way we network with co-workers, chat with friends, collaborate on projects, and even the way we document our most precious memories. (Anyone looking at countless pictures of a friend's new baby on an iPhone can attest to that.) So why not let technology change the way we think about resumes? With video technology becoming...

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