Geri Duncombe

Geri Duncombe is the director of marketing for Goodwin Recruiting, a full-service recruiting agency that has been servicing clients in hospitality, executive, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing for 20 years. Goodwin Recruiting provides highly personalized, hand-tailored search services. Its recruiters have extensive experience and specialize in speaking the language of their industry with employers and job seekers alike.

Inside Recruiting November 15, 2019
Holiday Retail and Hospitality Hiring: 6 Quick Tips on Finding Top Seasonal Talent

It's that time of year again. Retailers are gearing up for the onslaught of the holiday shopping season. The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts November and December of 2019 will see an increase of 3.8 to 4.2 percent in retail sales. Altogether, the NRF estimates US consumers will spend between $727.9 billion and $730.7 billion this season. For the retail and hospitality industries,...

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Inside Recruiting April 29, 2019
The 6 Pillars of a Recruiter's Personal Brand

For a recruiter in today's historically tight talent market, your personal brand carries extraordinary weight. When a candidate googles you, what do they see? When a prospective client is comparing recruiters who can handle their tough-to-fill roles, what information are they finding about you? All of that constitutes your personal brand, and it can make or break you as a...

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Smart Tech March 25, 2019
Candidate Submission Response Time: The Roadkill of ATSs

Ask almost any recruiter what the most frustrating part of their job is, and they will likely tell you it is waiting for the hiring authority to get back to them with a decision on a candidate submission. As applicant tracking systems (ATSs), job boards, and other software solutions have automated more and more of the submission process, the greatest casualty has been the direct connection...

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Inside Recruiting April 11, 2018
How to Find a Recruiter With Integrity

The practice of recruiting, too often, gets a bad name. Many candidates cringe and act as if they are trying to avoid the plague when they hear from a recruiter. Prospective and even current clients will duck calls and avoid emails. Why? Because many recruiters simply lack integrity. They try to push candidates into jobs that are not a good fit just to land a commission. This is no way...

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