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Inside Recruiting February 25, 2016
9 Buzzwords You Don't Want to Ruin Your Job Descriptions

You need to hire someone. It's time to sit down and write that job description! "Let's make it really special," you think. "Can't just call it a plain, old marketer, developer, or sales position. Let's add awesome adjectives and nouns! Like ninja marketer, rockstar developer, and sales guru!" Sure. There you have it: what others call "buzzwords." They may sound cool, but...

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Inside Recruiting February 15, 2016
3 Ways to Identify a Toxic Worker During an Interview

In a Harvard Business School publication entitled "Toxic Workers," Michael Housman and Dylan Minor explore a novel dataset regarding the actual performances and characteristics of many workers in different organizations. In doing so, they identify three prominent signals that are associated with toxic behaviors. Do yourself a favor: Take the following signals into account in your next...

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