Hannah Wright

Hannah is a marketer for HR Partner, a cloud-based HR management software.

Inside Recruiting December 1, 2016
6 Interview Questions to Ask Remote Candidates

As remote work grows in popularity, an increasing numbers of employers are welcoming remote employees to their team. It makes a lot of sense: Hiring remotely opens up plenty of opportunities to reach more candidates all over the world. Plus, it's a great perk to offer employees if you want to increase employee retention. It's no secret that hiring remote employees takes time. First, you...

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Inside Recruiting September 28, 2016
5 Ways to Retain Your Employees

Great companies reward success and earn the respect of their employees. But in today's fast-paced and competitive world, it's not always easy to keep your employees happy. That being said, it's worth the effort if you want to retain them in the long term. A happy employee is a more productive and more loyal employee. While attracting talent in the first place is a crucial step, you...

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Inside Recruiting April 24, 2015
5 Qualities to Look for in a Remote Employee

These days, more and more companies are warming up to the idea of remote work. It's no longer a given that companies have central offices -- in fact, some teams operate 100 percent remotely. The company I work for, FormAssembly, employs talented people from all over the world. While some employees choose to work in our main office, others prefer working from home. But we're all able to...

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