Howard Schwartz

Howard Schwartz, CEO and cofounder at Crowded, is a serial entrepreneur and an active angel investor and venture capital fund investor in early stage technology companies. Previously, Schwartz founded and was CEO of Human Demand (Mobile DSP / DMP), acquired by IgnitionOne in August 2014. He also cofounded FundingPost and Offermobi (acquired by Moko Media), as well as product and marketing training companies with more than 120,000 customers worldwide. In the 1990s, Schwartz spent a decade in the video game industry with companies such as Acclaim, ASC Games, and Sega. He is on the board of the Friendship Circle (Stamford, CT) which helps children with special needs and actively supports Al's Angels (CT) which helps children with rare blood diseases.

Smart Tech March 20, 2017
How Chatbots Can Create Lifelike Recruiting Conversations

Chatbots have become a hot topic of conversation. These days, they can help you do everything from ordering double decker tacos to finding your soulmate. Chatbots have grown so popular, in fact, that Gartner predicts that, by 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse. Now that's a notable prophecy! What about the recruiting space? Do bots have...

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