James Hu

James Hu is the founder and CEO of Jobscan (www.jobscan.co), an analytics tool that helps job seekers land more interviews by comparing one's resume against any job description for keywords and match rate.

Get Hired March 28, 2018
5 Types of Keywords to Never Include in Your Resume

It's no secret that keywords are a job seeker's most valuable tool when building a resume. They are important because they make you stand out to recruiters who only have a few seconds to skim your document. Plus, resume robots love them. Keywords are, well, key to a strong resume. But here's the thing: Not all keywords are created equal. An effective resume will get noticed by a...

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Get Hired November 20, 2017
4 Ways to Ruin Your Job Search

For most of us, the job search seems pretty straightforward: You come across a job posting that looks like a good fit, apply for that job online, potentially get called in for an interview, and hopefully land the job. Unfortunately, this seemingly straightforward process is riddled with the potential for wrong turns. The jobs you choose to apply for, how you construct your resume, and the...

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Get Hired August 16, 2017
Your Top 7 Questions About Applicant Tracking Systems, Answered

If you've been through a job search in the last five or so years, you probably know all about the importance of using keywords to tailor your resume for applicant tracking systems (ATSs). Chances are, however, that those keywords are just about where your ATS knowledge ends. For being such commonly used hiring tools – 98 percent of Fortune 500 companies use them – ATSs are still a...

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Get Hired June 9, 2017
The Ultimate 'Should I Quit My Job?' Checklist

Jobs are a little bit like relationships: You have natural chemistry with some, while others take time to feel "right." Many get dull after a few years, and while they might be super into you, you're not always into them. As with a relationship, it can be hard to know if you're going through a rough patch with your current job or if it's time to break up and move on. Check out this "Should...

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Get Hired March 10, 2017
How to Navigate the Roadblocks on Your Job Search Road Trip

What do a job search and a road trip have in common? A few things: Doing a little research beforehand will shorten their durations, they both sound much more fun than they actually are, and no matter what, both journeys will contain unexpected roadblocks. While we can't help you answer your burning road trip questions (sorry for the tease!), we can offer you advice on getting past the top...

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Get Hired January 23, 2017
The Dos and Don'ts of the January Job Search

The beginning of a new year means a fresh start. If you're thinking about a career change or a new job, January is the best possible time to begin the process. Hiring budgets have just been renewed for the year, and new positions are popping up everywhere. Take advantage of this time of year by making the most of your January job search. Before you get started, check out this list of dos...

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Smart Tech November 23, 2016
4 Reasons to Be Thankful for Resume Screeners

Resume screeners, also called applicant tracking systems (ATS), get a bad rap among job seekers. That's because many job seekers see resume screeners are black holes that rarely yield responses or interviews. However, it's Thanksgiving season, a time to find things to be thankful for! Believe it or not, if you know a little bit more about ATSs, you'll find that they actually aren't so...

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Get Hired September 26, 2016
5 Ways to Speed Up Your Job Search

Your job search is not something you should rush. When you finally get a job, you want it to be one that will make you happy for as long as possible. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make that happen as quickly as you can without getting sloppy. Whether you are thinking about leaving your job or you are currently unemployed, the shorter the search, the happier you...

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Get Hired August 17, 2016
4 Quick Ways to Optimize Your Resume for ATSs

If you've been applying for job after job without hearing anything back, there's a good chance that applicant tracking systems, or ATSs, are to blame. Not quite sure what exactly an ATS is? During the recruitment process, most companies use them to filter applicants and find the most compatible candidates. The problem? Applicant tracking systems have no sympathy when it comes to...

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